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Frank Hollywood
Your homepage for professional art and design around the world.

The worldwide web is a wonderful medium that can be used for many purposes.
In our opinion, art and design deserve a great stage on this worldwide web. Artists and designers have to endure a lot in these turbulent times and that is why we think it is wonderful to support these professions through this non-profit website.

In addition, it is a place for visitors to become acquainted with art and design, which are inextricably linked.

Art and design enthusiasts can search for their favorite artist, designer, artwork or design. If the visitor is interested, he or she can contact the right person directly via email, in most cases the artist or designer themselves. Startdesignart therefore does not act as an intermediary but as a conduit.

It is very important to us that the artworks and designs displayed on this website meet a certain standard. This is sometimes difficult to measure and that is why we use an anonymous committee of art experts.


Magis Voido - Ron Arad
Magis Voido - Ron Arad
The access roads to the world of art are emotionally difficult to walk. Galleries have proverbial high barriers and the offer is, in a sense, limited to the number of artworks selected by the gallery. And that while there is an endless supply of fantastic works. Often this work can also be obtained from the source itself, the artist.

For design this is a similar story. Especially when it comes to the higher segment of design. The average citizen thinks carefully before making a large expenditure on a piece of furniture. But if you still want that beautiful designer furniture that is unique, then you better keep saving. Do you choose that chair or sofa that you can also see in the living room of the neighbors further on? Or do you go for that unique piece of furniture that you often enjoy for a lifetime. At the better design stores you will often find beautiful design that you will probably find easier to enter than a gallery. To make it even easier, you can view a wide variety of beautiful designs on this website. Get inspired!

As mentioned, to make the thresholds less high, you can view the diversity in artists and designers on this website from your safe environment in your own comfortable chair. If you are interested, look further on their own website and contact the right person to find out what the options are.

We believe that the online art and design world can be a good addition to the physical world without getting in each other's way. There will always be lovers of art and design who love the physical aspect of a gallery or fair. But the online world in particular can be a wonderful first introduction for further research.

NOT FOR PROFIT does not earn profit for its owners. All income earned through pursuing business activities or through other earnings goes right back into running this website.

For the lover of art and design many websites are available, but the unique thing about this website is that we do not work with commission costs. We provide the artist or designer's data directly so that a potential buyer can contact the source directly.

Earnings from this website to cover costs will include donations and modest advertising. This advertisement only relates to art and design, such as artists and designers supplies.

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